Sarah Alice
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Love w/ Hugs & Kisses 14k- $400.00 SS- $75.00 also available in Copper $20.00 w/ Sterling rivet

Effervescence       $350.00 SS w/ rhodalite garnet & salt water pearl captures the way bubbles attach in the air          

Spinning Bubbles $180.00 Sterling w/ salt water pearls

Polka Dot Pendant $120.00 Sterling w/ fresh water pearls on both sides you will always look great in this piece no matter which side faces the world  

V-3 Pendant $110.00 Blackened Sterling w/ fresh water pearls

All Goes Round Trip Drop Pendant $52.00  roll printed Copper w/ Sterling rivets

Hangman Single $80.00 Sterling w/ blue Topaz everyone can relate to haning on by a thread now and then