Sarah Alice
Upcoming Events

Jacks Necklace $1,600.00 Blackened Sterling w/ salt water pearls inspired from playing Jacks w/ my grand girls 

Pearl Chain V1                        $320.00 Blackened Sterling w/ fresh water pearls

Pearl Chain V-3 $360.00 Blackened Sterling encasing fresh water pearls

All Goes Round Chain $300.00 roll printed Copper w/ Sterling rivets

Rounds Chain Lariat                            $270.00 roll printed Copper and SS rivets a convertible piece that goes with everything   

Effervescence       $1,500.00 Sterling  w/ 14k gold accented hollow forms & salt water pearls bubble blowing w/ the grand girls                   

Polka Dot Necklace $560.00 Sterling w/ fresh water pearls

Hangman             $900.00 SS w/ moonstone, citrine, peridot and iolite classic lunchroom game reinvented